Philz Coffee is a family operated coffee brand that started 25 years ago in Phil's grocery store in the San Francisco Mission.   Phil experimented with different beans from around the world with the goal in mind of making great tasting blends.  Phil's first hire was his son Jacob, now the company's 27-year old CEO.  

Today, they are reinventing the way people drink coffee.  

...This video, tells their story.  


"From grocer to coffee king"  - San Francisco Chronicle 

"The best blended coffee you've ever had." - Time Magazine

"Secret family recipes you won't find anywhere else."Tech Crunch 

"Elevating coffee culture to a higher level." - National Restaurant News

Philz has lots and lots of fanatical fans who love to spread the Philz Gospel.  You can read what their customers are saying on Twitter here.  

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Philz Coffee's dream is to change the way people drink coffee.  Each cup is handcrafted "one cup at a time" and served to you by friendly baristas.    

"Our mission is to better people's day.  We want our customers to walk out of our store happier --with a damn good cup of coffee and a feeling of wow, they really care about me and my experience." - Jacob Jaber, CEO 

Philz is voted #1 coffee in the U.S. and are the "tech darling of Silicon Valley."  Just ask any startup or entrepreneur, or Mark Zuckerberg, who had Philz "cups of love" served at his wedding.

Philz has 20 locations throughout San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Cupertino and Berkeley and on the Facebook Campus and are rapidly expanding.  They recently opened their first Southern California location in Santa Monica and will open downtown LA later this year.  

"I don't believe we are in the coffee business.  I believe we are in the people's business selling coffee." - Jacob Jaber 

Philz has been featured in Google Commercials, in Apple products and served on Virgin Airlines.  

You can watch their Google commercial here.  


"You don't leave our stores until you are 100% satisfied, but we do pretty well at blowing people's socks off after the first sip, which is our desired outcome." Huffington Post.  



Philz has a marquee list of investors who are passionate about the product and believe in its success.  Philz leadership team has A+ mentors, advisors and board members.   

Philz is rated #1 on Yelp, with 4.5 star reviews.  


"We believe happy people are contagious and the more happy people in the world, the happier the world is." - Philz Coffee 



For more information contact: Robin Sloan Bechtel  robin@bechtelventures.com